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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

How soon can you install a system?

Can I finance my system?

Will my system have warranty coverage?

How do I get my system serviced?

Do you service existing systems?

Do you install residential security systems?

Do you install security systems in new construction properties?

Can I just purchase the security system equipment from you and install it myself?

How do I get a quote on a security system?

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Security Camera FAQs

How much will it cost?

If I have an analog system, can you upgrade it to a high definition system?

What is the biggest difference between HD and analog cameras?

Do you have IP cameras?

Can I see my camera system on my cell phone?

What kind of internet connection do I need to support this camera system?

Is security camera footage immiscible in court?

I manage multiple locations. Will I be able to view multiple locations at the same time?

Do you sell pan tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras?

Will my cameras be able to see at night?

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Alarm System FAQs

Can I access my burglar alarm system on my cell phone?

Can you monitor my existing alarm?

What happens in the event of a power outage?

Do you use a UL listed approved monitoring station?

Do I need to have a phone line?

Do I need an alarm permit?

Will I get a discount on my insurance for having a burglar alarm installed?

Can I get notifications when my employees arm or disarm the system?

Is there a history of who has armed and disarmed my system?

Can I add and delete my own users?

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Access Control

How much will it cost?

How many unique schedules can I have?

Does the system track someone when they enter a door?

Can you track who is exiting a door?

Will I be able to enter new employees in myself?

Can I make doors lock and unlock on a schedule?

What kind of doors do I need to support an access control system?

Does the access control system require a management software?

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Intercom FAQs - Door Audio/Video

Can I see and talk to someone on the other side of the door without opening the door?

Can I open the door remotely without leaving my desk?

Can I have more than one response station?

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Intercom FAQs - Paging/School

Can I use this for mass notifications?

Do you have the ability to contact individual classrooms or offices?

Can individual classrooms contact the office or main room?

Can you provide hallway, bathroom, exterior, or other building speaker coverage?

Can you integrate a bell system with the intercom?

Can you integrate clocks with the intercom system?

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Intercom FAQs - Loudspeaker

Can you page in select areas of the building?

Will an intercom system work in a loud manufacturing environment?

Will your intercom system integrate with our phone system?

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Fire Alarm System FAQs

How often must I have my fire alarm system tested?

Do I have to have my fire alarm system monitored?

Will I get a discount on my insurance for having a fire alarm system?

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Automation FAQs

Can you set up your lights and thermostat on a schedule?

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Im having problems with my security system, what should I do?

How much does a service call cost?

Can I purchase a warranty for my system even after it has been installed?

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